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RxFiles 14th Edition

July 2023

Geri-RxFiles 3rd Ed

May 2019

Note: This website is designed for healthcare professionals. It is not intended to replace the relationship between patient & physician or health care provider.

Search/Keyword Tips: Search by using individual drug names eg. paroxetine, PAXIL; disease/conditions eg. depression, diabetes; NOT sentences or multiple words.
      or 14th Ed. TOC RxFiles Comparison Charts; or TOC Geri-RxFiles Charts.   

RxFiles Academic Detailing is a Canadian drug information resource. Our website is built to help answer your drug therapy questions through objective comparisons. We pursue a balanced, independent approach. We do NOT receive funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

A small taste of some of our tools:

Have you ever needed to ...

adjust the dose of warfarin?

pick an inhaler device for a COPD patient?

encourage a patient to start exercising?

check the spectrum of an antibiotic?

loosen diabetic targets for a frail older adult?

look up the target doses of ACEIs, ARBs, or beta-blockers in heart failure?

encourage a patient on opioids to consider tapering?

find out which antipsychotics have the lowest weight gain?

talk to a patient about cannabis use?

find out the number of years to continue a bisphosphonate?

pick an SSRI with the least anticholinergic effects?

compare relative pricing of different antimuscarinics?

critically appraise the DOAC trials?

safely switch from one antidepressant to another?

get an idea of weight gain differences between diabetes meds?

weigh the advantages and disadvantages of chronic pain medications?

find out if a medication is safe to crush in a patient with difficulty swallowing?

look up a generic birth control substitution?

Our program began in 1997 as a service to Saskatoon physicians. In 2000, the program was expanded to provide service to physicians throughout Saskatchewan. Efforts to keep our drug selection tools up to date resulted in the publication of the RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts book, beginning in 2001. Our book has become a practical tool for evidence-based and clinically relevant drug use information throughout Canada.

On our website, you will find our newsletter reviews, Q&As, Trial Summaries, and up-to-date RxFiles Comparison Charts and Geri-RxFiles Charts. The clinical relevance of these materials comes from their initial focus as academic detailing tools for the front-line practitioner wanting to provide the best possible drug therapy for their patients.

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An information booklet for patients on an antidepressant who may be ready to stop.