RxFiles Conference

Saturday, February 27, 2021

10:00am - 2:30pm CST


10:00 AM 
( CST )

RxFiles Quick Hits, Part 1

Pearls around asthma, COPD, and head lice.

Alex Crawley, BSP
Brent Jensen, BSP

10:30 AM 
( CST )

The BackSweet Boys vs
The New Kids on the Block 

Debating the role of old and new agents in diabetes.

Dr. Tessa Laubscher, MD
Lisa Rutherford, BSP
Debbie Bunka, Bsc Ph

11:00 AM 
( CST )

Triple Crown vs
Grand Slam

Debating three vs four drugs in
heart failure.

Dr. Patricia Smith, MD
Zack Dumont, BSP
Kelsey Dumont, BSP

11:30 AM 
( CST )

"You Changed My Life, Doc”

Pearls for insomnia management.

Dr. Rachana Bodani, MD
Alex Crawley, BSP

12:30 PM
( CST )


1:00 PM
( CST )

What You Didn't Even Know You Wanted to Know

Opioid Use Disorder pearls.

Julia Bareham, BSP
Amy Wiebe, BSP

1:30 PM
( CST )

"But I STILL Haven't Found
What I'm Looking For ...

Debating the best pain management approaches.

Mike MacFadden, RN NP
Loren Regier, BSP
Jackie Myers, BSP

2:00 PM
( CST )

RxFiles Quick Hits, Part 2

Pearls around testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and drug costs.

Alex Crawley, BSP
Brent Jensen, BSP

2:30 PM
( CST )


What should I expect?

This conference will be MainPro+ and CCCEP accredited for 4 hours of continuing education.

Fat Free

This is a tight,
one-day-only conference.

Quick Fire

We'll be covering 11+ topic areas over 4 hours.


We won't be spending time on diagnostics.


Full to the brim of accomplished pharmacist & physician presenters.


RxFiles does not accept any sponsorship money.

Q&A Rounds

We promise to save time for your questions. 


Health Care Professionals: $132
Students: $25

All registrants will have access to recordings of the presentations following the conference.


days until the conference starts