February 10, 2024

The RxFiles Conference 2024

Speaker Bios &
Learning Objectives



RxFiles Quick Hits

Facts and myths from primary care.


Weight Loss

Practical tips on using medications for weight loss.


Q&A #1

Answering questions from the first two sessions of the conference.

Dr. Derek Jorgenson
Amy Soubolsky
Dr. Brandon Suen
Zack Dumont


Primary Care Debates

A lively debate on managing
clinical controversies - and YOU declare the winner.




New Thoughts on OTC Medicines

What's new in the world of OTC meds - and what should we be telling patients?


Geriatric Pearls

A case-based approach on why management of common
conditions is different in older adults.


Q&A #2

Answering questions from the final two sessions of the conference.

Dr. Jeff Taylor
Erin Yakiwchuk
Dr. Megan Surkan



February 10, 2024

Learning Objectives


Quick Hits

1. Confidently prescribe pregabalin to treat anxiety disorders for the right patients.

2. Discuss the evidence for ketamine in treatment resistant depression.

3. Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of lisdexamfetamine and describe its role in ADHD treatment. 



1. Discuss evidence for novel obesity medications.

2. Describe the place in therapy for obesity therapies

3. Use shared-decision making to prescribe and monitor individualized obesity therapies 


Primary Care Debates

At the end of this session participants will be able to help patients use shared decision making surrounding:

1. The pros and cons of daily ASA for primary prevention.

2. The pros and cons of bisphosphonate holidays in osteoporosis.

3. When to encourage urate-lowering therapy in gout.  


OTC Medications

1. Discuss whether honey for coughs has therapeutic value.

2. Understand the FDA advisory on phenylephrine as an oral decongestant.

3. Outline the pros/cons of nicotine patch + IR formulation combinations for patients.

4. Determine if glucosamine and omega 3s now play a role in Arthritis and CV disease (respectively).

5. Quantify the amount of ‘extra’ water needed during psyllium use for Constipation 



1. Select appropriate blood pressure and HgbA1C targets in older patients based on presence or absence of geriatric syndromes, including dementia and frailty.

2. Outline the benefits of anticoagulation in older adults with atrial fibrillation.

3. Discuss the evidence to guide decision making regarding anticoagulation for older adults in the context of falls.

Dr. Derek Jorgenson, BSP, PharmD

Derek Jorgenson is a Professor of Pharmacy in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. He is also the Director of RxFiles Academic Detailing, the USask Chronic Pain Clinic, and the Medication Assessment Centre (or MAC). Dr. Jorgenson maintains a pharmacy practice research program that focuses on the role of pharmacists in the primary health care system. He has a background as a community pharmacist and as a pharmacist in an interprofessional primary care team and he currently practices as a pharmacist at the MAC. 

Amy Soubolsky, BSP, MSc

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Amy practiced as a hospital pharmacist at Battlefords Union Hospital and Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford, SK from 2015-2020. In addition to clinical practice in general medicine and a special interest in clinical quality improvement, she spent much of her time developing clinical services for mental health inpatients. To further strengthen her specialization in psychiatric pharmacy and hoping to expand clinical pharmacy services in mental health care, she completed a Master of Science in Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan in September 2022. She now works for the Saskatchewan Health Authority as a pharmacist clinical specialist on the Mental Health & Addictions outpatient team in Saskatoon. She also holds a casual position as an information support pharmacist with RxFiles. When she’s not working her multiple jobs, she spends her time running and training for marathons. 

Dr. Brandon Suen, MD, FRCPC (General Internal Medicine), Diplo. Of ABOM

Brandon completed his medical school at the University of Saskatchewan and subsequently completed his core Internal Medicine training and General Internal Medicine fellowship in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan. He currently practices General Internal Medicine in Saskatoon and has a special interest in Obesity Medicine.

Zack Dumont, BSP, ACPR, MSc

Zack is a Manager of Pharmacy Practice with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and an academic detailier for RxFiles in Regina.

Alex Crawley, BSP, ACPR

Alex Crawley is a pharmacist and the Associate Director of RxFiles Academic Detailing. He also works as a pharmacist at Sturgeon Lake Health Centre on Sturgeon Lake First Nation. He lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan with his wife and son.

Eric Landry, BSP, ACPR

Eric received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) in 2011 from the University of Saskatchewan. He went on to complete a Hospital Pharmacy Residency with the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region in 2012, before working as a hospital pharmacist at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. He holds a Master's in Education Administration with a focus on teaching and learning in post-secondary education. For the last 9 years he has worked as coordinator of the Medication Assessment Centre (MAC) at the U of S, where he facilitates experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate pharmacy students, in which they provide individualized care to patients who are referred to the centre. He is also a clinical pharmacist with the USask Chronic Pain Clinic. Eric also works for RxFiles as an information support pharmacist. Eric has a special interest in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. In his free time, Eric joins his wife in strategizing on how to outsmart 5 children.

Dr. Shanna Fenton

Dr. Fenton has practiced full scope family medicine for the last 21 years in Saskatoon. She started a new position with the SHA last year, with the dream to help create well-functioning medical homes and healthcare networks in the province. Her husband's name is Mark and they have two boys - Matthew and Benjamin - and two very needy and hairy dogs. 

Dr. Jeff Taylor, BSP, PhD

Jeff Taylor is a pharmacist and teacher with 30 years experience in OTC medicines and minor ailments in community pharmacy. He has authored chapters for the Canadian self-care text and has presented at conferences on this issue. He has written on consumers interfacing with pharmacists for minor ailments, how often the public interacts, reasons for not asking for help, the art and science of OTC counselling, how side effects might impact drug selection, and evaluations of the Sask Minor Ailments Program. 

Dr. Megan Surkan

Megan Surkan grew up in Prince Albert, SK. She completed medical school and internal medicine residency in Saskatoon at the University of Saskatchewan followed by Geriatric Medicine residency in Edmonton. She has been working as a geriatrician in Saskatoon since 2020. 

Erin Yakiwchuk, BSP, MSc

Erin is an Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan, and the pharmacist with the Geriatric Evaluation and Management Program at Saskatoon City Hospital. Erin is a board-certified geriatric pharmacist, and her teaching, research, and practice interests include optimizing the health and function of older adults through appropriate medication use and multidisciplinary team-based healthcare.