RxFiles Clinical Tools


These tools have been designed with the busy clinician in mind: patient booklets, patient handouts, prescription pads, posters, infographics, and more. 

Support booklet for motivating patients to taper their opioid. 

Information booklet for patients who are thinking about using cannabis. 

Guide to picking an inhaler in COPD.

Four Flat Tires: handout for helping patients manage chronic pain.

Physical activity prescription for helping motivate patients to exercise.

Viral prescription for teaching patients when they do not need an antibiotic. 

Antibiotic awareness posters.

Infographic on antibiotic harms. 

Infographic on high-dose amoxicillin for Strep pneumoniae.

Infographic for teaching patients proper insulin injection technique.

Patient handout for holding SADMANS medications in diabetes.  

Guide to help patients make an informed decision on the best diabetes medication for them. 

Infographic on SGLT2 inhibitor adverse events. 

Infographic on GLP1 agonist adverse events. 

Guide to navigating difficult conversations with patients regarding antibiotic prescribing. 

Guide to navigating difficult conversations with patients regarding opioid prescribing.

Guide to choosing a basal insulin. 

Bioequivalency of medications infographic.

Buprenorphine-naloxone (SUBOXONE) infographic.

Naloxone infographic. 

Prescription for managing opioid withdrawal. 

Patch exchange tool for patients on opioid patches.

Patient handout for tapering a proton pump inhibitor.

Patient teaching tool for asthma/COPD inhaler device training.

Template for tapering an opioid. 

Vitamin D evidence infographic.

Opioid Treatment Agreement form with Informed Consent.

Medical Cannabinoid Treatment Agreement form with Informed Consent. 

Psychostimulant Treatment Agreement form.