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Usually a few times a year, RxFiles Academic Detailing publishes in Canadian Family Physician. These articles provide practical and pragmatic approaches to managing common medical conditions.

Improper administration
February 2023

Mild asthma in adults and adolescents
August 2022

Providing HIV preexposure prophylaxis
March 2022

See also:
our PrEP infographic and chart, and our HIV landing page

Medication management for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
December 2021

See also:
our heart failure landing page

Pharmacotherapy management of schizophrenia for family physicians

May 2021

See also:
our chart on antipsychotics.

Hypoglycemia in Type 2 Diabetes

January 2021

Considerations for optimal prescribing in older adults

August 2020

See also:
our Geri-RxFiles book.

Finding the sweet spot in managing diabetes with coronary artery disease and chronic kidney disease

May 2020

Navigating cannabinoid choices for chronic neuropathic pain in older adults

November 2019

Tapering opioids using motivational interviewing

August 2018

Management of impetigo and cellulitis

August 2017

Triple antithrombotic therapy for atrial fibrillation and coronary stents

May 2017

Duration of dual antiplatelet therapy after coronary stent insertion

November 2016

Dual antiplatelet therapy for secondary stroke prevention

August 2016

Abnormal uterine bleeding

August 2015

Constipation in older adults

February 2015

See also
our laxative comparison chart.

Hypertension in the elderly

May 2014

See also:
our guide to hypertension in older adults.  


August 2013

See also:  
our warfarin pearls chart

Rate versus rhythm control in atrial fibrillation

February 2013

See also:
our atrial fibrillation chart.  

Oral anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation

August 2012

Diabetes in the frail elderly

May 2012

See also
our guide to diabetes in older adults.

Approach to the management of idiopathic hirsutism

February 2012

Opioids for chronic noncancer pain in the elderly

August 2011

See also:
our Chronic Pain book.
our guide to pain management in older adults.

Navigating the complexity of ulcerative colitis

May 2011

Targeting success in heart failure

December 2010

See also:
our heart failure chart

Taking the stress out of treating erectile dysfunction

September 2010

See also:
our erectile dysfunction chart

Pharmacologic management of essential tremor

March 2010

See also:
our essential tremor chart

Taking the stress out of managing gout

December 2009

See also:
our gout chart

Taking the stress out of individualizing ADHD drug therapy

September 2009

See also:
our ADHD chart

Taking the stress out of insulin initiation in type 2 diabetes mellitus

June 2009

Taking the stress out of acne management

March 2009

Drug comparison charts. Detailed, objective, comparative drug information.

December 2004

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