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RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts for Mobile Devices


If the app is not working or looking correct on your device, please delete the app from your device, then re-install the RxFiles Plus app back on your device from the App Store/Google play store.



App for Apple and Android platforms:


RxFiles PLUS App is downloadable free from iTunes or Google Play. 


·        For full content access, users must have a valid subscription (individual or group) to the RxFiles.ca website.   This allows users to access full website content as well as the drug comparison charts featured on the app platform. 


·        There is no cost for the RxFiles PLUS App, however it requires an online subscription for full functionality!

·        Online subscription cost to www.RxFiles.ca is: 

§  Individual user: $95 /year or $159 / 2years

(see our online store at http://www.rxfiles.ca/rxfiles/modules/products/products.aspx )

§  Group online partnerships also available at reduced rate (contact our office for details; info@rxfiles.ca )

·        The PLUS App provides full functionality through the “subscription grace period” noted towards the top of the home screen.  This grace period is reset for 3 months whenever the app connects online with a valid subscription.

·        Please note, the PLUS App requires online subscription access at least once every three months in order to preserve full functionality.   This can be accomplished by out and logging back in with your username/password, or accessing via a site with automatic subscription IP authentication or partnership URL referral.


·        For group partnerships who access via their group membership site URL (e.g. SHIRP, PANS, BCPhA, NBPA, PHCNP, etc.), please refer to the following link(s):

·        http://www.rxfiles.ca/rxfiles/uploads/documents/Procedure-for-Activating-RxFiles-PLUS-App-via-Partnership-URLs.pdf



·        For membership access via IP

·        https://www.rxfiles.ca/RxFiles/uploads/documents/Procedure-for-Activating-RxFiles-PLUS-App-via-Partnership-IPs.pdf


·       Apple Platform: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/rxfiles-+/id1039875266?mt=8


·       Android Platform (via Google Play): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pi.rxfilesplus&hl=en



Video “How-To’s


1)     RxFiles Plus App - Using the app on a network with an institutional subscription

(Accessing from an Authenticated IP site)

Link: https://youtu.be/Ll-t3KyjQcg 


2) RxFiles Plus App - Using the app with a personal RxFiles subscription

Link: https://youtu.be/zU6-Ssm6kSM


3) RxFiles Website - Using the website with a SHIRP account

(for Licensed Health Professionals in Saskatchewan)

Link: https://youtu.be/IuQ91KO4DYY




RxFiles App via iTunes ($45/year) (version 4) – DISCONTINUED; did not include full website access and was phased out in favour of the RxFiles PLUS App (see above).


-       FAQ-Apple Install:      http://www.rxfiles.ca/rxfiles/uploads/documents/App-iPad-iPhone-Apple-RxFiles-FAQ.pdf


-       App best for iPad, but also works for iPhone and iTouch . 

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rxfiles/id456635878?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2


-       Working with Auto-Renew: http://www.rxfiles.ca/rxfiles/uploads/documents/Auto%20Renewal%20Opt-Out.pdf

Note: if you subscribe, set the 1yr auto-renew option to on or off

(default from iTunes is "on" which charges automatically).

{The expiration date for the app can be found by going to the app store, then scrolling to the bottom to find your apple id, then selecting manage your subscriptions.  At this point you will see when the RxFiles app will expire.}


-       To request a refund on an app purchase from Apple iTunes, see the information on the following link:



-       If updating the app when you already have a full in-app subscription, and unable to get current app/build:

·         Delete the RxFiles app totally from your Apple device

·         Go to the App Store on your device

·         Search for “RxFiles”

·         Select/download app from store

·         Select “Open” the RxFiles App – which will open up RxFiles Trial Version

·         Select “Restore Subscription”

·         The most current version of the RxFiles app should now be installed (as of February 2015, this is Version 4).

·         Periodically check for updates from the RxFiles App home screen


-       If  you do not have a paid in-app subscription, and have difficulty purchasing/installing a full subscription for full access:

- in addition to the above usual 8 steps, you may need to click on “Trial Charts” first, and then go back to purchase or restore subscription.



App for Android: (version 1.4.2) via Google Play ($45/year) (+/- phone)    

– DISCONTINUED; did not include full website access and was phased out in favour of the new RxFiles PLUS app (see above).



-       App best on larger screen devices, but will work on smaller screen devices. 

-       Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.collegemobile.rxfile&hl=en


-       Working with Auto-Renew for GooglePlay / Android:  https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2660277?hl=en

·         In-app subscriptions in Google Play AUTOMATICALLY RENEW by default.  However, you may cancel your subscription at any time.   Please see the link in the line above for instructions on how to deal with this feature.


-       To request a refund on an app: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2660277?hl=en

·         We understand that Google does not make this very easy.  Please see the above link, or contact Google Play

·         Your Credit Card company may also be useful in working with Google Play to correct any incorrect/duplicate charges. 



Android info regarding opening pdf's on a mobile android device from our website:

Sometimes there is an issue of Android not opening pdf's well


 There is a different way that Windows & Apple grabs the pdf charts, than the way android does.  The easiest way to fix the problem is to install & use the Opera for android browser.


·         Opera works by hitting the saving button after selecting a pdf chart, but then grab the pdf from notification center (swipe down on your device).  

·         Firefox also works by hitting the download button after selecting a pdf chart, then grab the pdf from notification center (swipe down on your device)

·         But do not use chrome on android because it always hands off the pdf chart download to another app (internet, pdf viewer etc..)


You can make your default internet browser work, but it takes the following steps:

·         If go into application manager via settings. Then clear your pdf default viewer app (it might be drive, pdf viewer, internet, chrome)

·         Then load RxFiles via default internet app (not chrome),

·         Then select internet when asked to open with.

·         Then on the second prompt open via downloads.

·         Then go to notification center (via swipe down from the top of device)

·         Then hit the download complete notification.



What's the difference between the online subscription and the app?

Online subscription access has the following advantages:

- access to all of RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts book through website

- access to Geri-RxFiles 2nd Edition online

- access to additional RxFiles postings (newsletter, q&a’s, additional patient tools)

- updated/revised postings every 1-2 weeks.

- most links within charts and documents are live, allowing seamless moving to other documents

- separate home screen automatically for mobile devices

- when combined with RxFiles PLUS app, the online subscription serves to provide access to drug comparison charts when logged in on the app

The app has the following advantages:

- just the charts from the RxFiles Charts book (less to sort through)

- speedy searching, and very vast access to charts

- content downloaded to the device, so accessible even when you don't have access to the internet

- updates, via download, are every 3-4 months

- at present we are not able to combine access to both app and online due to limitations with the app provider

{Note: app does not include Geri-RxFiles, which is only available online}



o  Both apps have select charts available in trial version. 

o  Unfortunately, these apps are not able to be packaged with other book or online products.






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