RxFiles Tools and Resources Links


Sedative Pt. Handout

A single page handout addressing some of the most common questions and concerns for patients who are undergoing or considering undergoing sedative therapy for insomnia.

ADHD Pt. Agreement

Single page printout of a Responsible Psychostimulant Drug Therapy Patient Agreement Form.

Accutane Pt. Sheet

This handout is designed for patients undergoing acne therapy with Accutane, to help them keep track of how they are coping with the drug between visits to the physician.

HQC Post MI Pt. Sheet

Very succinct patient handout addressing major goals of post-MI therapy from the patient’s perspective.  Includes risk-factor and drug therapy management sections.

Food Calorie Calculator

Very handy tool for anyone with dietary restrictions – provides a calorie counter, organized by raw ingredient, ethnicity, restaurant name, or food brand name.

BMI Calculator

Provides a simple BMI calculation tool in both Metric and Imperial measures.

Asthma Action Plan

A patient friendly information sheet on managing asthma exacerbations.


Tells the patient what do when someone has the flu.

Insulin Injection

Explains how to select the best needles, use the best techniques and sites of injection.

Opioid Patch Exchange Tool

A sheet used to keep track of all the used patches.

Opioid Pt. Treatment Agreement

Single page printout of a Responsible Opioid Therapy Patient Agreement form. Also available as a modifiable WORD document.

Opioid Informed Consent

A 2-page document outlining the risks and benefits of taking opioids.


US Guideline Index

A comprehensive list of all practice guidelines for the US, organized alphabetically by organization that issued the guidelines.

 (ex. Stroke, Diagnosis and initial management of acute stroke and transient ischaemic attach (TIA).)

CMA Clinical

Practice Guidelines

Complete listing of clinical practice guidelines for Canada, organized by disease stat.e

(ex. 2013 CHEP Recommendations for Management of Hypertension) (Note: Site uses popup windows - your browser may interfere)

TRIP Database

The TRIP Database is a clinical search tool designed to allow health professionals to rapidly identify the highest quality clinical evidence for clinical practice.–TRIP Website  Registration not required, but FREE.


The Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects contains thousands of quality assessed reviews and abstracts, focusing on the effects of interventions used in health and social care.

Diseases Database

British search tool that cross-references many online health care resources (ex. PubMed, National Clearinghouse Guidelines, Online Medical Dictionary, Merck Manual, etc.)

SUM Search

Search engine that indexes various online databases such as MEDLINE, DARE, Cochrane, Wikipedia, etc.  Will automatically refine the search parameters if an overwhelming number of hits for a search come up, but also expands its parameters if too few results come up – very intuitive.


Medical Algorithms Project

An organization committed to providing evidence-based algorithms for the use of health care professionals, covering a wide range of topics and disciplines.  Registration is required but all content is FREE.

FRAX (Canada)

Links to Canada version of FRAX assessment tool, providing 10-year likelihood of fracture for patients with different risk factors.

Bugs & Drugs 2014

The complete digital version of Bugs & Drugs, a reference for the empiric administration of antibiotics.


A pair of  useful, quick-reference tables for assessing the severity of infection for a patient suffering from community-acquired pneumonia.

NZ CVD Risk Table

A visual CVD risk assessment tool relating age, sex, smoking history and diabetic status, created by the New Zealand Guidelines Group.

Drugs With

Anticholinergic Effects

A listing of drugs known to exhibit distinct anticholinergic effects, including a list of possible alternatives to these drugs when anticholinergic effects are undesirable.

CHD Risk Assessment Calculator

Online algorithm that calculates the 10-year likelihood of a patient developing coronary heart disease, based on the Framingham criteria.

Digoxin Dosing for SHF

Simple guide on dosing of digoxin in patients with systolic heart failure.

Furosemide Sliding Scale w. HF Pt. Weight Chart

A quick reference for adjusting the dosage of furosemide in order to compensate for changes in weight due to shifting fluid balance.

Diabetes Renal Monitoring

Brief flowchart highlighting scenarios that warrant renal function monitoring in patients with diabetes mellitus.

CANADA Breast Cancer Risk Assessment

An online breast cancer risk assessment tool following the Gail model.  This tool is based on the NCI breast cancer assessment tool, with a few risk modifier questions added.


Swine Flu Links

Provides links to several national and provincial (SK) bodies concerning the pandemic H1N1 influenza virus, as well as few dedicated coverage websites set up by major medical journals.

SK Weblinks

Contains contact information for various regional health care services provided to Saskatchewan residents, including drug coverage and information, poison control, and vaccinations.

SK Asthma Educators

A current (Apr/10) list of all accredited asthma educators in Saskatchewan and their contact information.

EBM Toolbox

A set of EBM tools provided by the Centre of Evidence Based Medicine – includes a stats calculator, NNT-OR converter, NNT tables, Likelihood ratio tables, and more…