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Pain Mini-Book, 2nd Edition

Our 2020 guide to the management of chronic pain.

A new, useful, comprehensive tool for management of chronic pain. 45 pages. Features numerous pages not in our standard book, including: Top Pain Pearls, Principles of Pain Management, Urine Drug Screening, Choosing an Approach to Opioid Tapering, Take Home Naloxone, and Motivational Interviewing. No extra shipping when ordered alongside any other book in Canada.
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GeriRxFiles 3rd Edition - Assessing Medications in Older Adults
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Geri-RxFiles is the result of an initiative focused on drug therapy for older adults and long-term care in SK. We hope this resource helps you to navigate the complexities and pitfalls of drug therapy in this age group. 
ð 250 pages outlining specific drug therapy considerations for drug prescribing AND deprescribing in older adults & long-term care

ð includes list of problematic medications from the STOPP -2014 & Beers - 2019 Criteria, with discussion of specific concerns and alternatives

ð explores the issues of poly-pharmacy, prescribing cascades & when and how to “deprescribe artfully” in older adults, including tapering recommendations

ð new sections include: How to pick an inhaler, dermatitis, dry eye disease, vaccines.  Also, several sections significantly reworked, expanded and updated.