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RxFiles - Frequently Asked Questions.
Last Modified: April 2020


RxFiles-Plus App Update - January 2020

If you are noticing any problems with the RxFiles-Plus app update, please try the following, which should usually fix the problem.


1) Make sure you are using the newer “RxFiles -Plus” app (the older app is no longer sold or supported)

2) Deleting the app and re-downloading from the App Store should solve most issues

3) Running the “check for updates” feature on the home screen when opening the app may also correct the issue. However, please note that the update file may take a few minutes to download, so please be patient – or run it when you are not in a hurry.


We hope this helps!


When did the 12th Edition, RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts book come out?
  • The RxFiles 12th Edition book was released Nov 2019
  • Apps for the RxFiles Charts, are available for both Apple and Android.  NOTE - in late 2015 we came out with RxFiles-PLUS which will allow those with an RxFiles Online Subscription to also take full advantage of the Plus-app at no extra charge. If you have an online subscription, check out the RxFiles-PLUS!  Chart content is updated every few months on the app, and every few weeks online.
  • Link: Info on RxFiles Apps   

I am a member of a group / partnership with subscription to online.  How do I activate my subscription? 

  • First, you must set up a username (see membership box in  upper right).  Then, you can click in membership area for subscription activation (or send us an email with your username).  Once your group membership status is confirmed, your subscription access will be activated (usually within 1-3 business days).
I'm a health professional in Saskatchewan.  How do I access RxFiles online? 
  1. SHIRP makes available to SK physicians, pharmacists, RN(NP)s, and allied health professionals through various libraries and PIP.   See and/or check out our link on accessing via the app.   
 Do you receive any funding from industry?
  • No.  RxFiles academic detailing for Saskatchewan is not-for-profit program funded by a grant from Saskatchewan Health.  Additional revenues from the sale of our book and services allow us to further develop and maintain our drug comparison charts!
What's the difference between the online subscription and the app?
  • The app content is updated every 2-3 months; online content is updated weekly.  The app will provide access to the RxFiles Charts even if no internet is available as the app content is stored on the device. With the RxFiles-PLUS app, all you need is an online subscription and you can access both via app and online.
What's the difference between the email notification and subscription options?
  • Email updates notification is the periodic (~15/year) emails that we send out when a new document is posted to the website. (See also Twitter @RxFilesCA & RxFiles Facebook page.)  New newsletters, Q&As, trial summaries are usually available for free access.  The subscriber only access area allows access to the ongoing updates of all the charts in the RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts Book.  

How often are the drug comparison charts updated?

  • Charts are updated on an ongoing basis and updated versions posted online weekly or monthly as necessary. If you think something should be added? Chances are it already is!  The app for Apple and Android platforms also updates automatically with updates pushed every 12-16 weeks.
What is academic detailing?
  • "Academic detailing", or "educational outreach", is the process of providing balanced, non-commercial, evidence based information/education for individual physicians in their offices.  It is adopted from the pharmaceutical industry's practice of 'detailing' physicians about new drugs; however, with academic detailing, the sales agenda is removed.  The concept was pioneered by Stephen Soumerai and Jerry Avorn in the USA.  Academic detailing (1:1 interactive discussions with physicians at their practice site) has been shown to be one of the more successful methods for supporting and improving evidence informed therapeutic decision making.
How can I open up a pdf document from the website in an ANDROID environment?
  • The RxFiles website allows only 1 web access as a time, but it will time out after about 30 minutes.
  •  Windows & Apple grabs pdf charts differently than  Android.
  • The easiest way is to install & use the Opera for Android browser.
  • Opera works by hitting the saving button after selecting a pdf chart, but then grab the pdf from notification center (swipe down on your device).
  • Firefox also works by hitting the download button after selecting a pdf chart, then grab the pdf from notification center (swipe down on your device)
  • But do not use Chrome on Android because it always hands off the pdf chart download to another app (internet, pdf viewer etc..)
  • You can make your default internet browser work, but it takes the following steps:
  • Go into application manager via settings. Then clear your pdf default viewer app (it might be drive, pdf viewer, internet, chrome)
  • Then load RxFiles via default internet app (not chrome), select internet when asked what to open with. On the second prompt open via downloads. Then go to notification center (via swipe down from the top of device), and select the download complete notification.

Is it possible to change the information on my user profile?

  •  Other than password changes, changes to user profile information can only be made by submitting the request for change to us by email, or on our feedback form.

Is there a suggested format for referencing RxFiles documents?   --- Examples below---

    • Lee M, Jensen B, Regier L. ADHD treatment chart. RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts. 11th ed. Saskatoon, SK: Saskatoon Health Region; 2017. p. 143144. Available from: Accessed online 2018 Nov 1 at //
    • Lee M, Jensen B, Regier L. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug therapy. Evidence, clinical issues & comparisons. RxFiles Newsletter 2008; Aug, 13. Available from: Accessed 2009 Jul 06.
    • RxFiles Drug Comparison Charts - 11th Edition. Editors Brent Jensen, Loren Regier, Lynette Kosar. Saskatoon, SK: Saskatoon Health Region; Mar 2017. Available from       

How can I access previous and new newsletters?

  • New newsletters will also be posted online.  We generally publish 2-3+  Newsletters per year, and some additional Trial Summaries and Q&A Summaries.  The most recent are noted under the "Featured" and "Recent" sections of our home page.  You can also sign up under members box area in right column for email notification of new postings.  Previous newsletters are posted on our website and indexed under the therapeutic category (click on lower centre column). 

What does the online subscription give me in addition to the book?       

  • The online subscription provides online access to all new and updated drug comparison charts and supporting documents.  The online charts will be updated whenever new information becomes available.   Many users find the book to be most useful and accessible option most of the time, but occasionally there is a need to check if new information (e.g. on a new drug) is available or access info from an alternate location.  The online subscription also now gives you access to activate the content on the RxFiles-PLUS app at no extra charge (currently operational for those with individual username, automatic IP recognition or URL referral).

Do you ever offer discounts?  

  • Sometimes! Members of PharmAchieve are eligible for a discount on our drug comparison charts - email for more details. Pharmacy students are eligible for a discount on our books through CAPSI - talk to your student rep. And if you ever see us in person at a conference, we are likely to have a "conference discount" on our materials. 
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